Pechet Men

Men Pechet has worked with the Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam) for almost a decade from a volunteer to field investigator and team leader before he joined Women Peacemakers Cambodia in early 2017. He has led a number of projects at DC-Cam, including Victim Participation, Radio, and Outreach and Collaboration Projects. He has conducted interview with hundres of survivors of the Khmer Rouge genocidal regime (1975-1979) for historical records and memory preservation. In 2014, Pechet translated a book entitled “A History of the Anlong Veng Community: the Final Stronghold of the Khmer Rouge Movement” written by Dy Khamboly and Christopher Dearing from English to Khmer language. With Women Peacemakers Cambodia, Pechet has been working as a translator, writer, blogger, and youth mentor. As a writer, a number of Pechet’s articles, researches and short stories have been published locally and internationally.