Lyhour Heang

Mr. Lyhour Heang is currently a project coordinator of a peace program of Women Peace Makers (WPM). Challenging himself to get out of his comfort zone, he has actively joined and engaged in workshops and exchange programs to learn about the world and explore himself. Through his experiences, he has learnt and gained a lot about himself and others. At one point, he could see that critical thinking does matter to him in a way that he will be able to grow with that. Critical thinking allows him to dig deeper in himself which somehow brings him to a peace of mind. In early 2017, it was his first time involving in Listening Research called Facilitative Listening Design also known as FLD, as listener and peace research analyst and assistant, which procured him extensive knowledge and experience. This even enables him to think more critically in what he is doing. He has grown to like FLD as he believes it provides him opportunities to unlock his ingenuity and passion. Mr. Heang holds a Bachelor of Education from Institute of Foreign Languages, the Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.